Check Form Entry Tips
Tip #1
Bank Number
Enter all of the numbers along the bottom of your check (routing, account, and check number) in the Bank (MICR) Number box. Do not include any symbols or spaces.

Tip #2
Driver's License/State ID
Select the state where the Driver's License or ID was issued. Enter your entire Driver's License or State ID # in the correct box. Do not include the abbreviation of the state in the number box. Do not enter dashes or blank spaces from the Driver's License or State ID number, only enter the numbers and/or letters.
 Driver's License #
  John Doe
  123 Main St Apt 101
  Anytown MN, 10001
Tip #3
Complete All Fields

Make sure that all fields are completely filled in.

Tip #4
Update Changes

If this is a site where you are registering information for future use, be sure to update any future changes such as a new bank account number, address, phone number, etc.